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4th-Apr-2015 09:04 pm(no subject)

to be added i suggest you add me first and comment. cause there are only like 5 entries that are public. but i bee friends only
9th-Mar-2011 11:47 pm(no subject)
1 or 2

13th-Mar-2008 07:59 pm(no subject)
i'll leave it as my last entry

i'm closing my journal.
23rd-Oct-2007 11:39 pm(no subject)

this is something you wish u were there, but shit you knew you wouldn't wanna

i was driving around and kinda waiting for a call. so i decided to get some kfc. now, i had just a sudden urge to get one of the bowls. mmm was a i ready to get one. so she was getting all the stuff ready and i was deciding which parking lot to eat it at. and then i say, oh i would like a biscuit, could ya add one. so she goes ahead and gets another...

there was a slight pause in her movement and then i suddenly see her trying to get out of the drive thru window and she did a little bounce to get through it more and then out of no where she's saying. we're getting robbed there's a guy with a gun *@&#)&@)#&)*&@#)*#&$%(*& all this other stuff i don't remember word by word. so then i drive more to the curb so she could get in. now i tell you. this drive thru lady, was, a black lady and not a skiny one, just a yo girl, big on top black woman trying to get out of a drive thru window i was just daaaaaamn. so she's crying and hysterical to call 911 on her cell. and i just dashed to the 7 eleven. i parked and she was just still crying and hoping everyone was alright (she was a shift manager) and i'm just sitting rubbing her back telling her it'll be okay. just to think, i mean could've saved her life but fuuhk, then had to wait for cops to come. bla bla tell them i was just getting food. but i tell ya. that was probably the craziest fast food dilemma's i will ever see
4th-Aug-2007 09:24 pm - here we go
for awhile, gosh who knows how long.
but i will be moving in with my grandmother, i'll be mainly taking care of her.
i will be taking absence for work. i gotta see how the month goes along..cause if not, then i will have to quit. that graphic design place actually is considering to hire me. oh what luck, won't be able to
i won't have the internet til god knows til when. so i suggest you please call me
(after 9pm) (or any time on weekends)
352 3989492
i will be able to hang out on fridays and saturdays (at night)
don't forget me!
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